Quality assurance and expediting

Our competent QC-inspectors handle quality assurance and expediting tasks in different industries and projects as the client’s representative.

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Tailored training packages in the areas of welding, steel structures, inspection, quality control, audits / certifications

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Inspection and certification

Our broadly qualified and experienced staff works in different kinds of inspection, qualification and certification tasks.

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Project services

In our project management services we offer project management from the design phase to the building of the organization and through resourcing to implementation and all the way to the end report.

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Technical consultancy and coordination services

Services related to welding coordination, material technical issues and the construction of a quality system.

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Supplier audit

In the audits of suppliers and the subcontracting chain we immerse into the technical know-how in production.

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Indewe Partners

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Quality assurance and expediting

 Our extensively qualified and experienced staff works in quality assurance and delivery control tasks in different industries and in different kinds of projects. We define the needed extent of inspection and management according to the scope and difficulty of the project together with the customer. If necessary our inspectors can carry out even daily on-site supervision. All our inspectors are competent, experienced and trained professionals to successfully complete the inspection and supervision tasks according to each customer’s needs.

Indewe’s delivery supervisor supervises the progression of the delivery as a representative of the orderer.

Expediting is an important part of a company’s acquisition process and purchasing. Expediting ensures that every stage of production is monitored and reviewed. The expeditor ensures the fulfillment of all customer requirements: the provider works according to what was determined in the confirmation of the order. Few projects go as planned from beginning to finish. The task of delivery control is to take care of change management. Our expeditors make sure that the changes are informed to all parties involved. With the help of supervision possible deviations from the contract can be identified in advance and so the corrective measures can be initiated early enough.

The planning of delivery control

It is important to make a delivery control plan for each project. Indewe’s expediting group helps to ensure that the plan includes everything relevant like schedule, cost, material control, logistics, production inspection and testing plans with their scheduled checkpoints.



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Reporting delivery control

The QC inspector reports the performance of the provider and supervises the implementation of costs, quality and schedule. Regular and fast reporting ensures proactive delivery control and prevents the forming of deviations. In critical deliveries it is recommended to use the constant presence of a QC inspector on site. Too often the case is that if no one is present at the provider’s site, the delivery will not proceed in the wanted schedule. The issues of delivery projects are usually caused by misunderstanding the delivery requirements or by bad communication between the provider and the buyer.



We organize customized training packages to fit the customer’s needs in either the customer’s premises or the training facility in our office in Turku. Ask about training for:

  • Welding coordination, WPS drafting, commissioning real procedure tests
  • Quality assurance of steel structures, EN 1090-1 standard
  • Inspections (VT inspections, NDT / DT and structure inspections)


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  • ISO9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001
  • Internal audit
  • provider audit
  • Use administrator of pressure equipment

Inspection and certification services

Our broadly qualified and experienced staff works in different inspection and certification tasks.

Inspection services

Indewe QC Oy performs periodic as well as in-process pressure equipment inspections and welder qualifications and the acceptance of welding processes according to the requirements of the PED directive under the accreditation of DEKRA Industrial Oy. Indewe Inspection performs corresponding tasks in Romania in cooperation with DNV-GL.

Periodic inspections ensure the safety of usage of pressure equipment. The inspections prevent accidents that are caused by the conditions, contents or environment induced weakening of the material like steel (corrosion, cracks, etc.). Also other factors related to safety are inspected. These are for example the competence of the users, use administrators and backup administrators of the pressure equipment, the solutions and operational reliability of safety equipment and systems, like automatics, and also the condition of external structures.


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Certification services

Our experienced main inspectors perform management system and product certifications under the accreditation of DEKRA Industrial Oy.

ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS)
ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS)
OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety (OHS)
EN 1090-1 Supporting steel and aluminum structures
EN 1090-2 Product certificate for for example surface finish
EN 13084-7 free-standing chimneys
EN 15085 Welding the transports and components of rail traffic
ISO 3834 Quality management of welding

Project Services

In our project management services we offer project management from the planning phase to building an organization and through resourcing to implementation and all the way to end reporting. Our staff is hardened globally in many steel structure, offshore, ship building and manufacturing facility projects. Our broad experience helps us complete even the most difficult projects and assignments.


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Technical consultancy and coordination services

Welding coordination

We help customers with e.g. welding and material technic accident analysis, corrective action plan and the management of them. 80% of INDEWE GROUP’s staff has at least one IW competence (IWE, IWI, IWT, IWS) and a broad welding experience background. As a welding and material technic service we also perform damage analysis and related corrective plan making and supervision of the corrective measures.

We perform welding coordination service to our customers which includes:

  • The coordination need scans for the company’s welding operations
  • Constructing a welding quality system
  • A constant coordination of welding operations
  • planning a competence test
  • supervising a competence test
  • maintaining all welding registers
  • procedure test planning
  • procedure test supervision
  • WPQR documentation
  • Organization of required inspections (NDT and DT)
  • Drafting welding instructions
  • the surveying of development areas of the welding operations
  • the making of an improvement plan.

Leading system services

The companies of our group serve their customers with assignments and implementing related to the planning/constructing the quality systems ISO 9001, EN 3834, EN 1090, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 according to the company’s needs. If necessary we also offer a comprehensive maintenance and caring of the quality system (Quality manager service). We help our customers build and maintain different operation system and we do management reviews, internal audits and provider audits together with the company.

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Supplier audits

When subcontracting, the chain of delivery has a big impact on the quality of the finished product. Buying is easy. Easier than making it yourself – Or is it? Practically the buyer has to build at least as good of a communication, production and delivery chain, as what is needed for the production of their own products.

The supplier audit helps to define the deficiencies and necessary points of improvement in the production and delivery chain from the very beginning of a partnership. A supplier audit can be used in the beginning.

The companies are obliged to monitor and approve an externally provided product or service as a part of the supplier selection process. During cooperation the main focus on supplier audits is recognizing the main causes of problem causing deviations and constantly improving the operation.

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Supplier and subcontractor audits are made up of planning audits, measuring, implementation, reporting and follow-up measures. Audit planning and focusing and picking the company being audited will be done in cooperation with the customer. In audits the focus is on management and the production coordination but also especially on technical evaluation (welding, pressure device readiness, metalworking, prefabricated products, surface finish and assembly). A successful supplier audit gives a comprehensive image of the supplier’s operation, ability to produce compliant products and possible problems in different stages as a result.


Indewe partners

  •  Indewe partners is a work group specialized in Indewe’s international business, which offers project and consultancy services to Finnish mechanical engineering and marine industry companies.
  •  Indewe partners gathers together professionals with a broad international experience and their versatile networks of know-how and craftsmanship.

 Our services

 In international networking

  • Procurement abroad – supplier search, supplier control, delivery control and quality management
  • Starting sales in a foreign country through an agency, importer or an own sales company
  • partner search abroad – rental of premises, economy and staff management, legal issues, logistics and supplier management

In expanding international operation

 Establishing an own company or a joint venture abroad

  • beginning production abroad
  • acquisition and the following takeover and integration
  • clearance and improvement of the company’s operation, productivity and quality

In improving the company’s internationalization strategy

 Specific areas of expertise

  • mechanical engineering and marine industry
  •  middle and eastern Europe, Baltics, Norway; Brazil, Russia, India, China; USA