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• TVO Oy 2011- ongoing, QA/QC Engineer
• TVO Oy, 2011-2014, Commissioning inspections and construction inspections at Nuclear Power Plant OL 3
• TVO Oy, 2008-2015 Nuclear Power Plant Olkiluoto3: Construction inspections in Germany, France, Luxembourg,
Spain, Portugal, Switzerland
• TVO Oy, 2006-2015 Nuclear Power Plant Olkiluoto1 and 2: Periodical inspections for pressure equipment, QC-inspections
• TVO Oy, 1996-2005 Nuclear Power Plant Olkiluoto1 and 2: NDT inspections
• Turku Energia, 2011-2023, periodical inspections of pressure equipment under DEKRA accreditation.
• Helen Oy, 2015, quality control, pressure equipment.


• Neste Jacobs Oy, 2014 and 2015, QA/QC engineer, Diesel project/Porvoo.
• Neste Oil Oy, 2012, Repair plans preparation (38 equipment – Materials from mild steels through different stainless
grades to extra high alloyed steels) for heat exchangers, reactors, colonies and pressure vessels and expediting
during the Neste Oil Naantali refinery’s shut down
• UPM Kymmene Oy, Lappeenranta Bio-Diesel refinery, 2013, Installation supervision and control


• Statoil Mariner Topside EPC 2013- ongoing: Delivery expediting of components for Offshore industry in Finland,
Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Third party inspections included mechanical completions, FAT-tests, ATEX-inspections
and final inspections.
• DONG, 2014-2015 TOF, Welding coordination
• TEN P4, Ghana 2014-2015 TOF, QC coordination
• HEBRON , June 2014– July 2015, Kvaerner Finland Oy / Kvaerner Kiewit Contructors Ulvila, Finland / Stephanville,
Newfoundland, Canada, Welding Specialist
• Anardako Truss spar hull– 2012-2013 - Technip offshore, Pori, Finland,Quality coordination, inspections
• Buoyancy cans and piles (Exxon/Mobil) 2011-2012 - Technip offshore, Pori, Finland, Quality coordination and
• Sakhalin II (Lunaskoye A and Piltun B – CGBS platforms - SEIC) 2005 - RR Offshore Oy, Ulvila, Finland (RR Offshore),
Welding Engineer
• Kashagan ePF Barge 10 project 2004-2005- RR Offshore Oy, Ulvila, Finland and Astrakhan Russia, Welding Engineer
• Holstein Spar (BP) project 2002-2003 Technip Rauma Offshore: Welding Engineer
• Gunnison/Holstein/Mad-Dog 2002-2003 TRO,QA/QC engineer


• Jukova Oy 2011- ongoing: Supervision of welding and components of railway vehicles and components
according to EN 15085-2
• Aker Philadelphia Shipyard Ltd. One Side Welding station parameters set up and testing. Re-organizing welding
coordination activities, files and responsibilities
• STX-Finland Oy 2012-2013, welding and inspection department > Welding engineer and welding coordinator,
supervision of welding, inspection of welding etc.
• Cargotec Corporation 2011. Expediting and suppliers fabrication process development, Slovakia
• Meyer Turku Oy, July 2015- ongoing, Supervision of repair welding
• Rolls-Royce Oy, 2015 – ongoing, Steel structure production audits in China, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Finland