INDEWE-GROUP combines demanding international project management, quality assurance, welding coordination and other versatile service operation’s international leading experts into one efficient and practical group.

The group is made up of Indewe Oy and Indewe QC Oy in Finland taking care of the Nordic countries’ and the Baltic area’s service. Indewe Romania SRL and Indewe Inspection are responsible for customer service in Romania and surrounding countries. Indewe Poland takes care of Poland and countries surrounding it. The representation office Indewe Brazil organizes a service package adequate to the customer’s needs in South America.

For matters related to globalization, leading and global company management you will find the best expertise in the experienced expert group of Indewe Partners.

Our staff works globally depending on current assignments. As a growth-oriented group of companies we grow our network, the group’s service offering and when necessary the number of our offices in a customer oriented manner and globally.

We ensure required quality with on-time delivery and offer well educated, experienced crew for your service


05 / 05

The address of Indewe Oy has changed

New address: Laurinkuja 13, 21200 RAISIO.


07 / 10

New address INDEWE OY and South-West Supply Oy Ab

Our new address is: Uhrilähteenkatu 8, Turku


06 / 08

INDEWE d.o.o established to Croatia

Indewe-Group is growing. New unit INDEWE d.o.o is established to Trogir, Croatia.


Quality assurance and expediting

Our competent QC-inspectors handle quality assurance and expediting tasks in different industries and projects as the client’s representative.

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Tailored training packages in the areas of welding, steel structures, inspection, quality control, audits / certifications

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Inspection and certification

Our broadly qualified and experienced staff works in different kinds of inspection, qualification and certification tasks.

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Technical consultancy and coordination services

Services related to welding coordination, material technical issues and the construction of a quality system.

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Supplier audit

In the audits of suppliers and the subcontracting chain we immerse into the technical know-how in production.

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Project services

In our project management services we offer project management from the design phase to the building of the organization and through resourcing to implementation and all the way to the end report.

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International operation

Our know-how in international operation is focused on the markets of Eastern Europe, Eastern EU, Russia and North America.

At this moment INDEWE-Group works more or less actively in twelve countries. Our partnership networks reach from the west-coast of the United States all the way through Europe into the ocean beyond Japan.




Our broadly competent and experienced staff handles quality management and production management tasks in different industries and in different kinds of projects.